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Private lessons

in Swedish and English

in the very heart of Stockholm
privatlektioner i svenska och engelska

Hire a competent and experienced private teacher, and pay a visit to the very centre of Södermalm where you’ll find his office. Try out what a truly tailor-made education consists of, with a teaching focus on any aspect of the language that you may want to improve. You’ll be lingustically diagnosed (don’t worry!) and from there on we may together brighten up your potential “deficencies.” Whether it concerns…

  1. Conversation
  2. Pronunciation
  3. Reading and listening comprehension
  4. Grammar
  5. Writing process  


“In the end you are the one who simply decide. And I will equally simple be your committed tutor and guidance. Morning-lessons? Daytime? Evening? Whenever you feel for it. Flexibility is important to me – as well.” 

läraren Lennart Westman signatur

privatlektioner i svenska och engelska